Time Saving Tips for New Moms

Time Saving Tips for New Moms

Does it ever seem like there aren't enough hours in the day? You're not alone...it's a pretty common feeling amongst most moms. If you're feeling overwhelmed, Covered Goods® is here to help! We've got the best time saving tips...everything that will help you achieve more by doing less. Here's how to find those extra hours to relax, work or play

Never forget about sleep 

Sleep may seem like wasted hours, but it's so important. Sleep helps you regenerate, and when you're better rested you can thrive and be productive during the day. Set a time when you put away your computer, phone or tablet. Make sure you have a consistent bedtime. And take a few minutes for yourself before sleep...whether it's taking a bath, meditating, or reading a book.   

Establish work hours 

If you're a working mom, establishing work hours is also essential. The downside to technology is that responding to emails and texts after hours is almost expected. Set some limits—and commit to scaling back on extra work. Make evenings and mornings about your children and yourself! And before you  commit to any new role or project, always consider the time it will entail. It's ok to stand up for yourself—and be proactive about your time. 

Set daily goals  

To-do lists are great—but they need to be realistic. Make your list attainable—you'll feel good about ticking things off. We aren't superheroes. Try to remember that.  

Say no 

It can be hard to say no, but it's really an essential skill. And once you start saying no to the extra meetings, nights out, and commitments, you'll feel good! (We promise!) Your priorities are different now, and by showing your children that it's ok to say no you're teaching them an important message.   

Multitasking isn't as productive as you think  

You might think that doing multiple jobs at once is great—and sometimes it is great! But often, you can perform a lot more efficiently if you focus on one task at a time. If you're working, for instance, don't think about booking a doctor's appointment. When you're looking after your baby, don't be simultaneously adding things to your grocery shopping list. Amanda Watts, writer and editor at Supreme Dissertations says this is a great way to streamline your time. When you focus on one task at hand, the outcome will be better, and you'll save time," she says. "When you try to complete various tasks at once, things will undoubtedly go wrong, or you'll miss important details."  

It won't be perfect 

As a parent, you probably want everything to be perfect—but perfection just isn't realistic (now or ever!) Striving for perfection, in fact, is just a big waste of time.  Use your time efficiently and let go of the things that don't matter. 

Eliminate distractions  

Yes, we're talking about Instagram and Facebook. Watts says that “surfing the web, watching television, and other addictive little distractions can ruin an entire day." Instead, be smart about the time you put into social media. "Establish limits to when you can use your phone or watch tv, treat yourself to a beautiful Instagram scroll after you've finished a task. There's really no need to waste hours on Instagram, though.”

Don't forget to have fun  

Stress doesn't help anyone be productive—instead it can lead to burnout. Have some fun with your friends, take a mini-break and let somebody babysit, indulge in a few guilty habits. This will help you keep grounded and appreciate everything that you have in life. Maria Gutierez, HR manage and mindfulness coach at Best Essay and WritingJudge agrees. Being a new mum doesn't have to be long nights and no social life," she says. "You can have fun, keep in contact with friends, and find new joys in life. You'll just have to plan it a little bit harder.” 

Practice mindfulness 

When you're present, you're more productive. This means that you can focus on one task, complete it, and move onto the next one. Marie Fincher, working mom, and head of content at Trust My Paper and Studicus say this is the best way to get things done. Practice yoga and meditation to help you focus on and embrace the natural methods that come to you," she says. "When you find yourself being unfocused, rather than getting annoyed with yourself.” 

Learn to ask for help 

You can't do everything yourself. Allow others to pitch in, ask for help, and express your feelings. Relying on others doesn't mean you're defeated, just that you're human.  

You're a mom—and the job can be overwhelming! But with a few lifestyle adjustments and a new mindset, you can have time and freedom. Be kind to yourself...and once you find that extra time be sure to use it for you...snuggle up and watch a film, have a cocktail, or scroll through your social media.  


Kristin Savage nourishes, sparks, and empowers using the magic of words at Grab My Essay and WoWGrade. Along with pursuing her degree in Creative Writing, Kristin gained experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in marketing strategy for publishers and authors.

Covered Goods, Inc.
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