Real Moms Share the Sweetest Things Their Kids Have Ever Said

Real Moms Share the Sweetest Things Their Kids Have Ever Said

Some people say Valentine’s Day is overrated, but we can probably all agree that any holiday takes on new meaning once you're parenting a toddler. Little kids get so into the excitement of those special days marked on the calendar. And with all the heart-centric crafts for toddlers, Valentine's Day is a fun one! (Need some activity inspiration? Just check out this post.) Yes, toddler behavior can be challenging...but there's something so refreshing about an age when everything is just amazing. It's hard not to smile!

This year, we decided to really enjoy the spirit of love. In honor of February 14th, we asked real moms to share the sweetest things their kids have ever said to them. The result? Our hearts exploded. So sit back, and take a minute to feel good. Here are some of our favorites.

@sara_n_light: My 4 year old is so amazing at complementing people. Even strangers!! She often says (completely randomly) " look so beautiful today!" Usually I'm in yoga pants & a top knot...she is so sweet.

@charlee_chan: My two year old son always says "I love you Mama!" Happy birthday to Mama, Happy birthday to Mama!!!" Besides my heart skipping a beat. He makes me cry tears of joy! Thank you for choosing us Kevin! We love you to the moon and back! 😘

@luvlivityoils: Not what he says but what he does....we use sign language in our home as my sister is deaf so the I Love You sign is well used. When my little one attempts to sign I Love You with just his pointer finger and says Wuv U...that is the greatest. 😍

@ckay.moore: Mine can't talk yet but she'll come to me and give me the sweetest kisses! ❤️

@lindsay_n_rogers: Mom, I really love your biscuits (boobs)". 😂 maybe it's not the sweetest, but it sure was funny!

@relley22: I love it when I come home from work, and I hear my almost two year old squeal and say "mama" as I make my way up the stairs. Then he throws his arms up in the air, waiting for me to pick him up! ❤️💕

@mrssteviewest: My 3 year old son always tells me I'm such a sweet mommy, or I'm his sweet mommy! ....heart melting!

@schylenesanders: You’re my best buddy!

@val_armijo44: “Mom you sure are beautiful" from my 4 yr old son...but it's also followed up by and your big butt ha!

@adamsfam4ever: My two year old little girl LOVES princesses and one day after I got ready she said, "Mommy, you're so beautiful! Like a princess!" Made my week!

@mamalife_motivation: My son told me tonight that was his hero! ❤️ 😭

@carliejeanboyce: When my three year old son tells me I'm his best friend or that his little sister is his best friend. 😘

@meg_alsop: When I told my daughter "I love being your mommy." And she replied "I love being your Lilly." ❤️

@katie_anna_keith: My son told me that "hair look good" after I got home from a run yesterday. My hair most definitely did not look good! 😂

@_thisishomeLike: "Oh mama you are sooo the best in the world I love you so much" saying with cuddle and hug. And with no reason! ❤️

@a_l_arroyo: “I love you Mumma! You're my best friend! Merry Christmas, Mumma!" She recently turned three, and since Christmas she uses the phrase "Merry Christmas" as a deep form of affection. She doesn't say it to anyone except me and Daddy. I will never tell her to stop saying it to me! It's like a precious gem that melts me.

@amyloo_hooo: My youngest sings "You are my sunshine" to me almost every day. ❤️ It just melts my heart.

@lzim21: In addition to telling me that he loves me, my 3 yo son will remind me that I have 2 hands; 1 to get him juice and 1 to get him crackers.

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April 21, 2022

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