Cost-Effective Business Ideas For Single Moms

Cost-Effective Business Ideas For Single Moms

Being a single parent isn't an easy job. It means you're the sole provider and guardian of your child (or children), and you're responsible for everything—from doctor appointments, to making major decisions about your child's welfare, to paying the bills. 

Cost Of Being A Single Mom  

There are so many costs associated with being a single mom—financial and otherwise! Kids need lots of attention—it can be hard to find a few hours (or minutes!) for you (this includes time with friends and dating). Beyond that, as a single mom you're responsible for paying for everything. It can get expensive, and you may be thinking of ways to supplement your income. 

Low-Cost Business Ideas

Starting a business is a good idea for single moms who want to secure the present and future of their children and themselves. If you do a quick online search there is so much advice out there, but what's most practical for a single mom? Here are a few examples of businesses that don’t require much startup capital, or have high running costs.

  • Crafts and Handmade Products

Are you crafty? Create something unique to sell on an Etsy store, e-commerce website, or a local vendor. Orders can be taken and confirmed throughout the day; products can be created and other tasks like dispatching parcels can be done while the kids are at school, out with friends, or in bed.

  • Online Tutor

Do you have a knack for teaching people things? Parents around the world are searching for excellent tutors who can help their children build their lives. A strong educational background, a knack for teaching, and a reliable internet connection are all that is needed for this job. Online tutoring takes up a few hours each week, and since the session timings are fixed, other work can easily be managed around it.

  • Blogger

It can take a while before your blog is monetized, but with some hard work you can make money through blogging. Write about something that interests you and your words will seem more genuine and engaging. 

  • Freelance Services

There are so many opportunities to freelance out there—everything from social media marketing, graphic design, web development, and digital marketing. There is even the option of becoming a freelance PR specialist. Reach out to previous contacts and start networking! Use your feelers and sell yourself. 

  • Realtor

Although real estate does require some advertising, contacts, and market knowledge, it's a job that doesn't have fixed hours. 

  • Virtual Assistant

There are so many opportunities for virtual assistants these days—it's a career that's taking off! Plus, it's 100% work from home. 

  • Lunch Services

Do you love to cook? There are ways to monetize your passion—and offering a lunch service is a great place to start! Offer your services through an app, community Facebook page, or sign a contract with an office to provide employee lunches. 

  • Writing and Proofreading Services

Do you have great writing skills? Consider starting a writing and proofreading firm, or a dissertation services firm. This is a job that requires focus, but there are so many opportunities for it to be 100% freelance. 

  • Gift Basket Service

A gift basket service can be a great seasonal job. Think about offering holiday gift baskets, special occasion baskets, care packages, and personalized gift baskets for birthdays, valentine’s day, and more

  • Personal Shopper

Becoming a personal shopper is a job that most women enjoy, and it can be done at the shopper’s own convenience. Not only are single moms getting paid to do something they love, but they also can complete a number of chores while they are out shopping for their client. Whether it is to buy a Jessica Jones jacket, a little black dress for date night, or a new top for work, it is the job of personal shoppers to keep their client’s wardrobe stocked for every occasion.

  • Online Boutique

Fashion designers and personal stylists can start their own online boutiques to offer the world their designs, without having to compromise on family time.

  • Life Coaching

Single moms are strong. They know how tough life can get. Yet they keep on moving—giving up is simply not an option! What better person to act as a life coach? 

  • Online Customer Service/Sales Representative

Who said sales or customer service requires you to work from a call center? Try a search for work from home customer service jobs. 

  • Online Course Creation

A single mom with a strong academic background or teaching and curriculum design experience can start offering online courses. This work can be done for a publishing house or independently through a platform.

Being a single mom is one of the hardest jobs out there—but it's so worthwhile! Try out one or more of these ideas and keep at them. They will pay off, and before you know it you and your kids will be living the life you deserve!


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Claudia Jeffrey is currently working as a Practitioner Nurse at Crowd Writer. She also has a passion for writing, which she sometimes indulges in when the mood strikes her. Some of her work is published at and a few other platforms.

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