9 Creative Ways to Use Your Covered Goods® Nursing Cover

9 Creative Ways to Use Your Covered Goods® Nursing Cover

A lot of our customers discover Covered Goods® because they’re looking for a full coverage nursing cover. And we love being part of the breastfeeding journey for so many of you! Still, by the time baby is one year old you may not be nursing as much (or at least not round the clock). Plus, we know lots of our mamas don’t necessarily breastfeed at all—and still find out product to be one of their most useful baby essentials. You’ve probably thought about using your nursing cover as a stretchy car seat cover, shopping cart cover, or even an infinity scarf. All great uses, but your Covered Goods® can be so much more! CG customers keep coming up with new and innovative ways to use our multi-use nursing covers…and it’s so much fun to see their ideas!

Here are 9 creative ways to use your Covered Goods® nursing cover.

As a lightweight blanket

We say Covered Goods® is one of the few accessories you need to throw in your baby bag…and we mean it! If you’re need an extra layer for baby, our nursing cover is the first thing you should grab. Our covers fabrics are so soft and breathable, they’re the perfect lightweight blanket—whether you’re trying to bundle baby up or just provide some extra protection on a breezy day.

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When your cuddly toy is almost as big as you are! And @elizabethspindler we love seeing this pic of you using your Covered Goods as a lightweight blanket. It's not one of the uses we advertise, but so many of our mamas say the LOVE using their cover in this way! It's also perfect for the winter when you're trying to layer up baby. ❄️ Check out our blog for more tips on dressing baby in winter. We'd also love to hear what you have to add! 😘😘😘⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #breastfeeding #breastfeedingcover #carseatcover #babyessentials #motherhood #babyshowergift #momlife #breastfeedingfriendly #breastfeedingmama #shoppingcartcover #babyshowergiftideas #newbornlove #bestbabyproducts #newbornlife

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As an infinity scarf

Ok, ok…we know it’s one of our advertised uses, but your Covered Goods® nursing cover up can actually be a pretty incredible part of your ensemble. As in you’re not just throwing it on out of necessity, but building your outfit around it. What does this mean? You’ll probably want to start wearing your Covered Goods® even when your baby isn’t around. It will become one of your favorite accessories for date nights, girls nights out and beyond!

As a maternity top

Any of our mamas know that the last few weeks (let’s be honest…months!) of pregnancy can get pretty uncomfortable. But your Covered Goods® breastfeeding cover up is perfect for those moments when you just want to wear sweats! Slip on a maternity tank and leggings and throw our nursing cover over top. It’s instant style!

As a babywearing cover

Babywearing is a great way to transport your little one throughout baby’s first year. But when the temperatures cool down, you (and she) may need a few extra layers! Use your Covered Goods® as a lightweight cover after putting baby in her carrier.


As a swaddle

We all know newborn babies want to feel snug…but what happens when you’re without a swaddle blanket? Your Covered Goods® breastfeeding cover can double in a pinch…our fabrics are stretchy and breathable, and perfect for tucking around your little one.

As a high chair cover

Have you ever thought about how yucky those high chairs at restaurants can be? They’re literally filled with germs (and rarely cleaned). Of course you can always pack your own disinfecting wipes and give that thing a swipe before putting baby in, but using your Covered Goods® an extra carrier provides added peace of mind. Plus, you can stick it right in the washing machine when you get home!

As a swing cover

By now you’ve probably realized that baby’s favorite playground ride can be pretty icky. Throw your Covered Goods® nursing cover over the playground swing and you’ll be sure to protect her from any germs. As a bonus, it gives her a super snug and cozy ride.

As a fun play accessory

Have older kiddos in the house? We think Covered Goods® gives them a chance to really use their imagination! Just think…your breastfeeding cover up can be the cool roof to a fort, or a magical cape. When you’re talking about children, the sky’s the limit!

And if you have chickens...

We know not many of you are in the daily routine of collecting eggs…but we just had to include this photo because we love it so much! Our multi-use nursing cover literally does it all! 😂😂😂

Bravo to all our Covered Goods® mamas who are getting it done! Every. Single. Day.

What’s the most unique way you’ve used your Covered Goods® nursing cover? Let us know in the comments and spread the love!

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